Articles and Speaking

Meta's writing has been featured in several blogs, Gather Magazine, and Luther Seminary's scholarly journal Word & World. She has been a guest speaker at schools and churches about trauma, resilience and recovery as ingredients for practical theology and faithful leadership. She spoke at the 2017 WELCA Triennial Gathering in Minneapolis, making a case for daily interruptions as sacred opportunities from God.


Meta collaborates with three pastoral colleagues to host and produce the podcast Alter Guild, which seeks to amplify the voices, conversations, and theology too often ignored by the public square and the mainline church. Alter Guild is also a blooming network, supporting other podcasts with a commitment to empathetic, progressive faith and good humor. Together, we can challenge and change the conversation, which alters who we are, too. Alter Guild does not desire to be all things to all people, but offers a word to those on the margins of Christian religion and spirituality. Check it out!

Publications in Progress

Meta’s first book, Ordinary Blessings: Prayers, Poems, and Meditations for Everyday Life (Fortress Press) is scheduled to release in February 2020. This collection includes blessings for awkward family gatherings, deciding to go to rehab, looking in the mirror, and moving into a new home. Her following project will be a book of soul care for church leaders and plain-speak liturgy for use in worship. This collection includes words for bidding retiring clergy Godspeed, welcoming new members, blessing protesters, confessing white supremacy on behalf of the institutional church, and installing new leaders. (Fortress Press, Fall 2020.)


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