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Luke 1:39-56

Of all the people of every time and place, God’s favor chooses Mary to bear the Word. We speak and sing often about her humbleness, her virginity and her youth. But we must exercise caution in softening her too much, domesticating her wild and prophetic identity.

The angel Gabriel comes to tell her what will happen, to invite the miracle of God incarnate to her life, her story, her body - and Mary consents. The gospel of Luke says that right after her conversation with Gabriel she rises (as in, she is resurrected) and goes to visit her much older cousin Elizabeth in the countryside.

Mary has been made brand new in the heart of this queasy, lonely and dangerous first trimester. More than once, Luke says Mary ponders things in her heart, a term that means things get thrown around on the inside. Feelings and faith bounce and swirl together, changing and mixing her into another consistency. I imagine Mary was like a hurricane of hope and fear when she arrived at Elizabeth’s door…