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Many have asked for the transcripts of this worship service, so I share them here with permission from the authors. You are very welcome to use these pieces in ways that honor survivors of sexual violence, giving credit to the authors. 
Music included Holden Evening Prayer by Marty Haugen and several healing hymns. Special thanks to the dozens of leaders who helped make this worship experience a daring and sacred witness to God's fierce and gentle love.

WELCOME The worship leaders introduced themselves. We explained that participation is not mandatory in this service, so be involved in ways that feel right for you. A chapel space is available if you prefer to be nearby, but not inside the Sanctuary. We all silenced our phones and added a new contact: RAINN, the Rape Abuse Incest National Network (800) 656-HOPE. It’s always a good time to call, even if it means stepping out during this service tonight. We announced the …


Mark 9:38-50
Jesus is eight verses into a lesson about a different kind of greatness.
The Empires of the world define greatness according to one’s achievements, status,
and wealth and by a close association with those who have these things.

But the Messiah has come to reveal greatness on totally different terms.
The Kingdom of Heaven defines greatness as compassionate presence among the little
and the least, a power that comes from having nothing to lose
because all is gained in God, and a close association with the little and the least.

During the lesson, the crowd is shushing a child and pushing the child to the back
of the crowd. Because kids can be a real nuisance, their vulnerability high-maintenance,
their hygiene questionable at best. They are a noisy distraction from
what actually matters.

But Jesus tells them to stop pushing the child away, to let the child come
all the way forward, to be blessed and seen and heard and held at the center of it all.
This is what matters, you guy…