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I've been thinking about all the things we say because we think they're the helpful or faithful thing to say. Biblical literalists come to mind. "God said it, I believe it, that settles it." If only it were that easy. The Bible says all kinds of things and sometimes they conflict, challenge, and change what we thought to be true. Jesus is regularly approached by religious literalists trying to test his authority and faith with a law from scripture. They are the socially comfortable ones, seeking personal validation and simple either/or categories for daily living.

They want to hear what we all want to hear: You're choosing the right hills to die on. You're winning at this faith thing. Carry on living in your preferred narrative about how love and salvation work.
But time and again, Jesus disappoints this crowd. He points out the way they use the law as an end point, the minimum effort necessary and the scoreboard for status and relationships.  

And then he goes on…