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When the girls were toddlers we were introduced to a chart that described their developmental stages. Sometimes your kid is in equilibrium. They are finding confidence in a mastered skill or at peace with their ability to communicate needs. Sometimes your kid is in disequilibrium. They're in a growth spurt that makes them moody, uncoordinated, or emotionally volatile.

You'd think identical twins would ride this rollercoaster together, but ours do not. They tag in and out of equilibrium, taking turns as the adventurous and articulate leader. And their brother is on his own ride. That's the thing about siblings. They multiply the dynamics in a household exponentially. Everyone is dealing with their own stuff and yet we're a team trying to function together.

I think still have seasons like this as an adult. I take at least two months to hibernate in the winter. I'm terrible at communicating, exercising, and sleeping. It's a diet of hot tea and wine and Crock Pot …