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We enter this world with a fierce curiosity for where we belong and who we are. Our parents and caregivers tell us stories before we can comprehend them and read us books before we can follow a plot. If we're lucky, they whisper their unconditional love before we have to ask.
My children were all born in the month of February, when so much of the world stalls in hibernation and snuggles in for warmth. When they were tiny I would dress them in soft, furry snow suits with bear ears atop their heads. Then I would drape them in blankets and strap them to my chest before heading out into the cold world.
I liked being pregnant a lot more than I liked caring for newborns, so having their breath so close to my chest was nostalgic and satisfying. I would wrap my arms around their sleepy bodies as if to say, “This is where you belong. This is who you are. No matter where you go.”
Perhaps it was this kind of love that inspired the first Creation story, six chapters of order born from chaos. Whe…