We are coming of age.
My classmates, my colleagues, my peers.
We are naming things that need to be named and elbowing our way into the public square. We are getting published and giving Ted Talks and recording albums.

We grew up on the sidelines while fundamental Christian voices dominate the public square, but we've been tagging in for about a decade now. So many people do not have language for their theology and theology for their values. And that's on us. It is practiced and gifted and sung and spoken and prayed and confessed in our Sanctuaries, but it is missing in bookstores and on radio stations that sell mostly damnation, emotional highs, and self-help.

I am soaking in the work of my generation's Christian leaders: children's books, memoirs, devotionals, articles, poetry, music, spoken word, and visual art. There's good stuff out there!

Here's one more log on the Holy Spirit's bonfire.  I've been writing and storytelling and praying with three fabulous pastors my age. It's become a podcast called Alter Guild and our first season will be available on Monday, December 25. These episodes rooted in familiar and obscure Christmas texts and will be released one day at a time through the Twelve Days of Christmas.

This season produced without a budget. We are grateful for the talent and equipment borrowed from our congregations, the blessing of our colleagues, the free trial memberships for stock video and music, and the time we've found - against all odds - in the holiday season to create something new.

Want to help make it successful? Here's how:

  1. Subscribe to Alter Guild through iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, etc. Or visit to listen through the website.
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  4. Share this resource with others who listen to podcasts or need to hear a fresh word rooted in these ancient texts.
  5. Give us feedback. Email to share your suggestions, encouragement, and ideas for future seasons.
Why "Alter Guild"? Because something is changing in the church. Just ask those authors, artists, and musicians. The call to discipleship is still rooted in ancient mystery, but it alters the way we listen, love, and serve in the world. We've had a lot of fun putting these episodes together and hope they speak to your weary, curious, and empathetic faith. Enjoy!


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