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bossy love.

Sit in your seat Chew up your meat Just hands on the table and not your feet.
Wipe what is sticky Eat, though you’re picky If you take a bite you can say it was icky.
Don’t flick boogers on that lady Or eat the candy you found that's so shady (I mean, at least brush off the dirt and then…maybe.)
One butt at a time for privacy But make haste, this porcelain isn’t your dynasty And don’t pick up your poop up for all to see!
When a mitten’s lost I can hear your cries But just look with your eyes It’s right in front of your face - damn it – surprise.
No shoes on the couch No chewed gum in the pouch Of my favorite purse, its cost was no slouch.
Run but don’t slip Pour but don’t drip I’m sorry I’m such a hovering trip.
Don’t push, bite, or scratch Or do - while I pour wine down my hatch You’re identical twins, you’ve met your match.
And I’ve met mine too Since the two of you grew From the tiniest shock to make me brand new.
It seems like yesterday you both fit on my chest And our daily…

life and choice.

Trigger Warning: Pastor who swears, loves, fights, lives, and chooses with all she's got. Like a woman.

We are failing women's bodies
when 97% of rapists evade conviction
leaving her to heal without justice.

We are failing women's bodies
when children's clothing stores insist
we cover little girls in sparkles and unicorns
limiting their imaginations and power
to pretty and nice.

We are failing women's bodies
when we teach college freshmen
how to avoid getting raped
instead of teaching college freshmen
do not rape.

We are failing women's bodies
when we mansplain the real problem
dismiss her experience
silence her voice
regulate her body
as though she is not fully human
and super human.

We are failing women's bodies when
the uterus is a pre-existing condition
and we elect a Congressman who doesn't understand
why men should also be covered for prenatal care.

Maybe he should ask his mom.
You know.
The one w…

the evidence.

In honor of International Women's Day on March 8, I will dedicate my March posts to a few ways I reject the cultural pressures I experience as a white married middle-class working mother. Lord knows there are countless other pressures that I don't deal with personally because of these categories, so I will spend time reading and learning about women from other perspectives this month, too.

For the Post-Partum Bodies
When Jasper was born I decided to give up saying negative things about my body. I didn't want him to hear me disparage myself because I have the unique opportunity to define feminine beauty for him early on. If he sees me treating my figure with respect and using it as a vehicle for movement and life, he will believe it's wonderful too. If he hears me saying kind things about other bodies, maybe he will learn to do the same.

It was painfully hard work at first. I noticed how often I thought ill of myself or had to bite my tongue. But six years later, I have …