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political blessings.

Let’s get something straight about discipleship today.
There’s a cost to following Jesus.  The gospel life declares that we will be last. We will lose the preferred life.  We will die into Christ.
And this is political because politics is defined as “the collective work of the people for the sake of common good”. Jesus did not come for ideas or rules or systems. He came for our breath and our heartbeats and our complicated relationships as creatures of God. He came because God's people have been enslaved time and again to earthly masters who do not do justice, love kindness, or walk humbly with God. He came to break our chains.
Discipleship is inconvenient and counter-intuitive at every turn. By design, it afflicts the Empire’s agenda, every self-serving urge, every tantalizing law disguised as the answer to justice or salvation or smug satisfaction.
I say YES to the separation of Church and State because Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection are not meant to sync with the Empire, our ea…


"Anointed on Wednesdays"
We mix lavender with a jar from the top shelf in the old kitchen cupboard, cooking oil made holy and wonderful with strong scent. Sometimes we laugh into this ordinary mystery while the bowl is passed around. We say the words moving our fingers over the temples of strangers and friends – up and down, side to side. Sure, it is just oil. But the minutes are sacred since we stand so close together, seeing each other with truth and courage speaking the ancient recipe for relief and belonging: You are a beloved child of God.