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this is the time.

this is the time
when things get loud, when hope gets muffled and fears abound.
this is the time
when we gather together heaping expectation and judgment and laughter, hiding the longing, the ache and disaster.
this is the time
when we're fiercely surrounded but feel lonesome
and foolish
or haunted, confounded.
this is the time
when we fill up our days  and our stockings with kitsch  and kitchens with glaze.
this is is the time 
when we trick ourselves 
since everyone else is filled up with cheer while muted shame lingers right here.
but that is not Truth you precious, beloved: we are all hiding, all longing, all living with judgment. we are all breaking, wondering where we belong and if there is room for us inside the song.
so listen well, Child: lean into the grief and trust that you are not songless belief you are messy and worthy - made perfectly whole by the One who rubs balm on the cracks of your soul
by the One who saves nations with love crescendos.
this is the time
the whole…