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maundy wednesday.

Jesus, Bread of Life,
You offer yourself as bread and wine to the disciples.  You make God suddenly physical and familiar to our most intimate senses.
You urge rituals that infect our memories and motor skills with signs of your love and life.
“Do this to remember me.”
What is it like to empty yourself? How does it feel to be broken and poured out for the sake of us?
We take and eat and drink because you tell us to. Because we have no choice but to place hope in your gifts of forgiveness, salvation, and life.
In doing so, we are humbled by your humility. We are broken and poured out every time we kneel, extend hands, or hold our breath while listening for the promise.
This meal goes after our hunger and our thirst,             our memories and our pride,             our sins and our mortality.
Holy morsels and sips.
Fill us with your love. Amen.
The Prayer of the Day Recovery Worship - April 1, 2015


My job has been more exhausting than usual lately.

We've become a healthier place in the last three years. I've been picking at systems and procedures. I've been listening intently to people who disagree with me. I've been startled by how many people are on board with my leadership style and vision - that's both scary and exciting. I've been urging people to put things down, simplify, and learn from failure. I've been asking big questions:

Why do we do what we do?Why don't we do what we don't do?What are you most afraid of?If you knew you couldn't fail, what would you do? Now it's time to notice and name relationships and roles in need of great care and challenge. I'm poking at people, control issues, comfort zones, and default plans. I'm stirring the pot, being confrontational, working through conflict, and daring to say things no one has the guts to say.
I go into each dialogue feeling nervous and overwhelmed. I leave feeling tired …