Tuesday, November 19, 2013

the gospel according to daniel tiger.

There are a few cartoon characters who have changed my life lately. I found myself getting defensive when someone called Dora a princess character this summer. "Actually, Dora is a loyal friend. And she goes on adventures. And she never gives up. So try watching an episode before you pigeon hole her as a princess character. She's actually pretty bad ass." I reacted as though he was talking smack about my best friend.

Daniel Tiger is the animated descendent of Daniel Striped Tiger from Mister Roger's Neighborhood. There's a trolly and Daniel uses his imagination a lot. The friendships are relatable for a toddler and the plots give Jasper great words for his feelings.

Every episode has a little jingle to help you remember the social or emotional lesson in play. "Keep on trying - you'll get better," has been the theme of potty training this week. For almost five days, Jasper wore underwear without hitting the potty. Accidents galore. Lots of laundry. It would have been easy for this little Type A observer to give up and get too frustrated, but he kept trying.

Last night, he hit the pot! There is hope. He beamed and me and said, "Mommy, I tried and I tried and I tried and I tried! I'm a potty kid now!" There will be many more accidents, but there will also be more trying. I'm just sure of it.

I, on the other hand, need to try a little less. November has been about prepping and meeting and checking things off the list. I assumed I would still have full-day energy through Thanksgiving to get my ducks in a row for maternity leave, but I don't. This week my body is pulling me back and I'm listening, reluctantly. My Daniel Tiger song sounds something like, "You are called to some things, not everything."

There will be accidents along the way (and a lot of laundry), but we will also use our imaginations and lean into friendships and give words to feelings. We will try really hard...or try not to try so hard. And we will be proud of the vulnerability and new life that come along with that shift.

Today I cancelled two meetings and started slowly. Jasper arrived at school with 7 extra pairs of underwear…just in case. And tonight we'll come together again in celebration the day, however it pans out.

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