Thursday, October 24, 2013


My son left the house this morning wearing cowboy boots, pajama pants, and his orange scooter helmet. The sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa's house will include plenty of flare.

The KFC I frequented during my first pregnancy has since folded and turned into a Popeyes. I'm feeling some guilt about this. Could I have saved them if I'd become pregnant just a few months earlier?  Were my regular drumstick runs the only thing keeping them in business in 2010-2011? The world will never know.

I had coffee with a bright-eyed, bushy tailed Ole this morning. He was so optimistic and filled with potential, I could have used a cup of coffee before our meeting to prepare for his energy. I listened carefully and became inspired. Then he lapped up my insights and advice as though I know what I'm talking about. He made me feel old, but in a good way.

The weather is crisp. It's perfect for walks in the dark with your hands shoved deep into pockets.

I love Mentos. I'd never tried them until I met a Zion member who works in a candy factory and puts packages of them in my office mailbox. They're underrated and delicious. I also have a biscotti dealer and latte bearer at church, so I'm sitting pretty.

There are so many people running for mayor in Minneapolis this fall. They all have wonderful gifts and they are proof that this city is very loved. I've been spending my free time reading about them and it makes me hopeful.

My congregation figured out that my babies will use approximately 1600 diapers during my maternity leave. This fact is depressing on several levels, but it does sound like a have a really, really long maternity leave. I've decided I will measure it in diapers instead of weeks when I feel like it's going to quickly.

Last night a 5 year old proudly showed me his homework. A baby spit up on my shoulder. A mentally ill person pooped in the bathroom by my office with the door wide open. A neighbor called me and over shared about her blister. A woman begged me in broken English for rent money I couldn't provide and then we held each other for awhile. Everyone at Recovery Worship had something beautiful to say about Exodus 6 and Patience. I ate soup with people I only know because of Lyndale and Jesus.

Tomorrow I have nowhere to be and no one to wake me up. So I will lie in bed and give thanks for all these piles. I will rest and stretch in the peace for awhile. I will laugh at the clock and roll over again. I will get lost in all the good things about this chapter - the beautiful thoughts and the wild grace that comes in waves to move me forward.

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