Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Be still (and leave your not-so-still child in able hands while you get out of Dodge) and know that I am God.

Big Shoes
I spent 8 days away from Jasper and it was hard. Without that daily text or picture or update, my heart started to ache. 

I spent 8 days alone with my husband on a boat. And by alone, I mean we were on a Carnival Cruise with 3,000 of our closest friends. 

We did not participate in the poolside "hairy chest contest" or buy the unlimited drinks passes, mostly because we're not hairy enough and rather frugal. But Coronas flowed, we overate, and the water slide made me squeal out loud. Our snug room on Deck One did not have windows or a clock, so it was pitch black until we stirred each morning. As the boat rocked us to sleep one night, Matt purred, "I feel like I'm sleeping in a big Baby Bjorn."

An Introvert's Nightmare
It was good to get away. With work covered and our phones off, my biggest decision each day was pizza v. reuben for an afternoon snack. (Regrets? Easy to rectify.) I read six books and worked out every day, mostly so I could feel self-righteous in the dessert line. We traveled the width of Belize to climb Mayan ruins. We held baby sea turtles and swam with sting ray in the middle of the ocean. We lingered over coffee each morning and held hands on the way to dinner.

Xunantunich Ruins near Cayo, Belize
On a Sandbar near Grand Cayman
Cayman Turtle Farm
We're back now and happy to be plugged in again. Work is busy and house projects continue to produce...more house projects. We are not cut out for a whole week of lounging and loitering. By the end, we happily crawled out of the Baby Bjorn and back into our messy and lovely real lives. Jasper was thrilled to see us and I burst into tears when he said the word, "sleeves" with a V noise instead of a saliva-filled F. So much and so little had changed in 8 days.


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Becca Groves said...

oh man, this looks amazing. I am so proud of you two for taking a week together for this get away. What a gift to each other, and to Jasper! It looks absolutely incredible, btw...