Thursday, May 9, 2013


I was pitting out and awkward until this very moment.
And then all was calm. And funny. 
I stopped sweating and I started laughing.

It didn't feel like my wedding day 
while someone stuck fake eyelashes on my face 
or while dear friends gathered, hair teased. 
But it felt like my wedding day hours later - 
once Matt found me in a quiet back yard and made me smile.

I am blessed to love the one I'm with. 
Those who are 
know the deep power and wide gift of partnership.
I did not have to fight for this day 
or prove my love 
or receive less than others.
It was given freely 
just like the vows we exchanged that day.

Today I am blessed by the love of a state and its leaders
who are brave in saying YES to love and marriage...
for everyone who loves the one they're with
for everyone who wishes to say I DO
for everyone who yearns to carry the whole promise -
all the joy and the sorrow, the grace and the work
just like us.

There is room for all of us in this moment and this love.
I'm sure of it.

Welcome to this moment and this love, Minnesota!

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