Monday, May 20, 2013


I made so many good cases for taking off the socks this morning. 
He's been wearing them for days. 
They stink. They're sweaty. It's humid. They look ridiculous.

But they stayed on. I dropped him off at school and blessed the teacher with a few words for context: 

We moved on Saturday. He's being a trooper and we're talking through the transitions, but there are a few things he's clinging to for comfort. Moose Socks are two of them. Be aware that he will want to make sure the moose can "see" at all times, so they need to be pulled up high enough for the "googley eyes" to show.

We've all got our things. I needed a rod to hang clothes in my new closet. Matt needs the garage to not look like a hazardous waste tsunami. Jasper needs to wear his Moose Socks all.the.time. 
(We splashed in some puddles on the sidewalk after dinner tonight, so they got all muddy and he finally wanted them off. Wash, Mommy. Make clean, please. Gladly.)

Jasper is adjusting to his new bedroom really well and loves all the new spots for his toys. We have three rabbits spending time in our backyard and he chases them around yelling, "Hold it". I'm not sure what he would do if he got close enough to hold one, but the chase should keep him busy for awhile.

We close on the old house tomorrow, so we took Jasper over to see the empty space. Everything is gone. Jasper's room is bare, but so is Mommy and Daddy's and that's okay. Things are at the new house now. 

We raced up and down the path in the backyard for awhile and then he hugged the tree. He learned to run in circles around this tree, chasing Matt and pretending to hide behind its narrow trunk. I have several pictures of them in this spot and will look for them this summer whenever I'm feeling nostalgic. 

Bye bye Dap-per's house.
Hi, new house.

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Becca Groves said...

"the moose needs to see at all times"...this is awesome. Congrats on your move! And have fun writing your name 89 times today.:)

Can't wait to see the new place!