Thursday, April 4, 2013

nine years.

Matt showed me his house just a few months after he bought it back in December of 2003. It was our third date. I was only 22 and still living in a dorm room, so I thought dating a homeowner was a pretty big deal. 

It was the most out-of-date and ugly house I'd ever seen, but Matt beamed with pride on the tour of this little palace. He told me about refinishing the hardwood floors and his plans for the kitchen and showed me tile he'd use after gutting the bathroom. He had big dreams for this bungalow, but I hardly knew this guy and skepticism meter started to beep. It sounded like a lot of work for a 28 year old bachelor. Could he gut a kitchen and tile a floor and sheetrock a wall and tongue and groove a porch?

Turns out, he could. And he did. And through every project, the house became more beautiful and more...ours.

Now we've lived here together for five years. Jasper claps and points when we pull up. "Dap-per's House!" This is where we rebuilt a garage and planted a crab apple tree and hosted dozens of bbq parties. It's were we carved pumpkins and baked cookies. It's where Jasper learned to walk and started following Matt around the yard with a Fisher Price lawn mower...just like we did when we were kids.

Jonathan, Strom, and Gabe all lived here, too.
Even Leinie - it was that little puppy's first home!

This house is perfect. It's bursting with the good life. We are proud to have known it for 9 of its 98 years. And today it's on the market so it can write new chapters with new people.

Cheers to nine years...and to all the years still to come!

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Carl Robie said...

This is one heck of a real estate listing! Good luck. And by good luck I mean answered prayers.