Tuesday, April 30, 2013


We closed on our new house eight days ago! Matt has pulled more than 300 nails out of the floors. My dad has stripped rooms filled with wallpaper and there are many left to do. I am painting, unscrewing screws, scrubbing gluey walls, and taping doorways. There are three paint colors still stuck in my hair despite last night's shower.

Matt and I usually play the busy game. We scramble a lot and wonder where the time goes. But this week we proved that you can carve out time when you're on a deadline. You can squeeze in a few hours when there's something important on the list. Suddenly, work is truly 3/4 time and I'm discovering chunks of each day that can be spent at "new house".

Jasper loves to stop over. He chooses a screwdriver to carry around the house. He picks up chunks of carpet pad and piles them in the corner. He takes you upstairs and runs around his new bedroom with his arms out wide declaring, "Woweee!" It's a lot of space for a little munchkin.

Matt's fingers and back have their own heartbeat. Something is in the air since the carpets were ripped up and I'm wheezing, without a voice. But we are happy helpers. We are making progress. We are excited about staking a claim on this house. We move in less than three weeks now.

Every night we fall into bed, offering the same simple words. They hang in the air between our tired grins: "This is fun. I love you so much."

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Becca Groves said...

oh there is nothing better! To be working so hard together and for your own place. It is the best kind of fun. Can't wait to see your place...saw the pics before, can't wait to see the after!!!