Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Jasper is TWO today. So I'm having some selah moments. It's hard to say what I mean by that. Selah is usually found in the Psalms right after something important has been said about our relationship with God.
Time out.
Think about this.
Slow down.
Enjoy this moment.
Pick up an instrument.
Bask in the love.
Break your rhythm.
Give thanks.
Soak it up.

Today you are two, but we've been telling you that you're two for a week now. You take your own time coming around to things, so we've practiced with you all week: "Jasper, how old are you?" You'd grunt and hold up one finger. "No, you're two. Say two." Then your smirk would make way for a little voice, "Two". "Right. So how old are you?" You'd hold up one finger again. This is why we started a week ago. You come around to things slowly, but when you grab hold of them, you soar. This morning you told me that you are two. And then you told me again before you fell asleep tonight. selah

Yesterday I dropped you off at daycare. You were a little quiet and crabby, but I thought you were going through cantaloupe withdrawal - you'd had two big bowls for breakfast, but I drew the line at three despite your meltdown. Try some starch, kid. Three hours later, your teacher called and told me you were really sick with a fever. My plans for the day collapsed, as they often do. I weaved back the way I'd just come and found you sweaty and doted on by the girls in your class. "Ass-per sick. Ass-per go home wif Mommy." They blew you kisses and I scooped you up for an all afternoon adventure. Traffic. Ear infection. Co-pay. Two drug stores. Fits of coughing. A three hour nap on my chest replaced meetings and bulletin layout. I listened to your raspy breath grateful to be your pillow. selah

On Saturday we celebrated your birthday. Forty people joined the fun in the Fireside Room at church. What a great space for playing and catching up and sloppy joes and singing happy birthday. You wore the shirt I made for you - a shirt instead of a crown because I knew you wouldn't stand for a crown. Much has changed since your party last year. You helped host, gave hugs, and blew out your own candle. selah

Trains. selah

You clap at the end of Come, Lord Jesus. You say, "Amen." You get excited about coming up for communion and receive bread with confidence. You even eat your crumbs off the floor, which is theologically awkward, but really enthusiastic. Then you wave, "buh bye"and head back to your pew. selah

Last week we cleaned up at Target. Yummy groceries and you didn't demand to eat anything in the store. I did, however, end up with a giant Goldie pillow pet. Sigh. He completely blocked my view of you in the rear view mirror on the way home. I could hear you giggling and talking to him during nap time. Your imagination and hospitality are kind. selah

You have opinions about my hair. "No! Up, up, up!" I throw it up in a messy bun. "No, back, up!" I braid it down my neck and you smile with satisfaction. You are a very bossy stylist. selah

Your favorite book is Mercer Mayer's Just Me and My Dad. Dad makes every page a thrill. Together you find the spider and the grasshopper. You laugh at the bear that gets the fish. There are props, too. You have a little red camping lantern Dad pulls down off the shelf to light the pages. I can see the smile from behind your nuk and it looks just like your dad's. selah

Happy TWO, Jasper. And thanks for giving me joyful pause.

Love, Mom

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