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it is not okay.

A redwood fell on Friday. He was a fourth generation member of Zion and too young. His son is too young, too. At twenty three, he has seen too much. He has watched both of his parents die in the living room. And that is not okay. That is what I screamed in my car on the way to the suburbs late Friday afternoon. That is all I had in me: angry grief and injustice.

It's is not just Lent at Zion. It is Lent with redwoods on the ground. Three deaths in three weeks, and Friday's is shaking us all up. I began worship this morning by making sure visitors and longtime members alike felt welcome to grieve and weep during the service. You don't have to know this redwood or this congregation personally - we're all grieving layers of things all the time - but you do need to know that you are all welcome at the table where we will feast with all of the redwoods you've lost. You do need to know that these candles lit are flashlights for the darkness and the Holy Spirit gathered e…


Jasper is TWO today. So I'm having some selah moments. It's hard to say what I mean by that. Selah is usually found in the Psalms right after something important has been said about our relationship with God.
Time out. Think about this. Slow down. Reflect. Enjoy this moment. Pick up an instrument. Rejoice! Silence. Bask in the love. Break your rhythm. Give thanks. Soak it up. Jasper,

Today you are two, but we've been telling you that you're two for a week now. You take your own time coming around to things, so we've practiced with you all week: "Jasper, how old are you?" You'd grunt and hold up one finger. "No, you're two. Say two." Then your smirk would make way for a little voice, "Two". "Right. So how old are you?" You'd hold up one finger again. This is why we started a week ago. You come around to things slowly, but when you grab hold of them, you soar. This morning you told me that you are two. And then you told me agai…

can i get a witness?

Luther Seminary's Mid Winter Convocation is one of my favorite rituals. Early every February, they host a conference that pierces a theological or practical topic it's grads (and other nerds) flock home for. I got hooked on convo as a student. We could attend free of charge and I loved squishing into the Olson Campus Center Chapel, nestled between great and tired leaders who were out there...leading.

I show up for these three days no matter the topic and without expectations. I just meno in the presence of others who miss school and love what they do. It's pretty great - even if the theme is lame or none of my classmates attend. There were a few things I really appreciated about this year's convocation, so I want to share them with you here.

1. Chris Trimble. Thank you for understanding innovation and business, but also having a keen sense of how the church works. I tend to zone out when business leaders assume non-profit/spiritual organizations need a big dose of corp…