Monday, November 12, 2012

get in where you fit in.

You folks are shy about leaving comments on this blog. My little statistics suggest that I have more than 200 regular readers, but usually it's a text message or an email. I love that quiet support. You reflect about the work I do or my silly kid or my honesty about the hard and beautiful stuff. And many of you ask how you can help. You want a taste of Zion. You gave a combined $1,000 toward the Lyndale Community Dinner after reading this post. You're part of this now.

We have two big events coming up in the Zion community and you can be a part of them! There's lots to do and, somehow, stuff like this always comes together at the end in wild ways. You seem to like that kind of story, so maybe you'd like to be part of one with me. Know that this manna and mercy is for you, too.

The Lyndale Community Thanksgiving Eve Dinner - November 21st 
We need all kinds of food delivered by this Sunday. Several medium sized turkeys. Dozens of 5 lb. bags of potatoes, dinner rolls, and cookies. Pumpkin and apple pies. Large tubs of Cool Whip. We need people to show up early to help set up. We need people to clear dishes during the meal and dishwashers back in the kitchen. We need people to come and be friendly. We need folks to play games with kids - because Lord knows kids are too squirmy to sit at the table for a whole turkey dinner.

The ZOOM House Christmas Party - December 13 
Did you know Santa Claus is a member of Zion? He is. Santa Dan wears red suspenders year round and, in his heyday was the premier Santa Claus of the upper midwest. Print, commercials, Southdale Mall - the works. He'll be there handing out gifts. We need salads and desserts and punch and kitchen helpers and games and people who like watching children feel remember, worthy, and loved. I can't wait because December 13 is my baptism birthday and I know this will be the world's best way to celebrate.

Both of these events will be held in Zion's Banquet Room. You park in the lot on the north side of the building and enter through the blue door. We're down the stairs - just follow the noise. And then you're in. Because if you come in the blue door - the least churchy looking door on the whole building - that means you're one of us. You belong. You're part of the glorious mess and the wide community of Zion.

But first, call Deana at (612) 824-1017.
Call my fearless Parish Administrator, who moonlights as the ZOOM Board Director. She has sign up sheets and all kinds of ideas about how best to help and give and participate. She'll make sure you get a cool job that makes you feel part of things - whether you live down the street or across the country.

These are just two ways to celebrate the season of generosity, but there are plenty out there. I just hope you get in where you fit in this winter. And when you do, send me a shy comment about what that looks like in your life. I want to hear your Banquet Room stories, too. Blessings!

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