Friday, August 31, 2012

one and a half.

Dear Jasper,

You are one and a half.

You don't say much with words yet, but you communicate well. This morning you found your shoes and brought them to me. "Would you like help putting your shoes on?" A happy grunt and nod. You crawled up in my lap. I put your shoes on, you got down, and you stomped around doing a little happy dance. "Now that you have your shoes on, do you want to go outside?" A happy grunt and nod. I guessed two things we might do outside before guessing right: a stroller ride. Great! Thanks for planning our morning.

You like all kinds of foods, but especially Ketchup. You saw the bottle on the table at dinner tonight and went for it well before we had a chance to order. Your dad is such a pushover. He started squirting it onto his finger and letting you lick it off. I suggested that others around us might find that less than hygienic, so I hid the Ketchup bottle after a few more squirts. The Rainforest Cafe must pay someone to walk around and restock Ketchup bottles because speedwalkers had dropped off three more bottles before I had a chance to stop someone and tell them about your Ketchup addiction. "We're good on the Ketchup front. I've been hiding them under the table because my son likes to eat it straight." And then I gave the lady a pile of Ketchup bottles and returned to my seat. Classy.

Last week you clapped with us at the end of Come, Lord Jesus and you were quite proud of yourself. You dance on command, love spinning in circles, and climb everything. I just ordered more foam shape books because you destroy those pieces with your teeth and by bringing them in the bathtub. I leave one of the books in your crib every night - this is probably why you're so attached. A book in your crib means you're able to entertain yourself for quite awhile in the morning before getting bored and calling out. I love that luxury.

Your animal noises include a horse (which is uncanny), a tiger, and a dog. You could live on yogurt and pretzels. Your favorite board book these days is Duck and Goose: How Are You Feeling? When we get to the "angry" page, you press your forehead against ours and look down - just like the characters in the book. The last page is "loving", which you look forward to. A big hug and a nuzzle noise for whoever reads with you!

We stopped into Lego Land tonight and your Cousin Tommy would be proud! You won over every employee with your glee for that bottom row of the Lego Wall. We were there for an hour and you couldn't get enough of the orange pieces. They gave us a big Duplo piece to take home as a souvenir. They know you'll be back!

You start at daycare on Mondays and Tuesdays next week and I'm so excited. You're going to love this place and learn a lot being around 19 other toddlers all day.

I could get out your baby book and write this all down, but I don't. I forget. I'd rather spend my daytime with you and by nightfall I'm browsing through pictures because I already miss your Ketchup smeared face. So I pull up this blog instead. It's one way to make sure I mark how lovely you are at one and a half. I'm in awe of you, Mister. Thanks for doing things your way. I am learning a lot about your perspective from that bottom row of the Lego Wall. It's awfully wide - filled with good things - and only the beginning!

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