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a hammock

Two years ago Matt and I got in the car to drive north. His grad school friends were having a yard games tournament in Alexandria and we were due for some washer toss and bags.
But I was crabby and tired and highly emotional. I couldn't unplug from a bad work day and Matt finally told me to, "Reign in the hormones so we could have a good time."
We stopped at the Walmart in Sauk Centre where I bought a generic pregnancy test and two bags of beef jerky. (Classy.) I took one test on the way up, but was convinced it said NO. "That like the line where the line's supposed to be," I confirmed in the car. Then I ate a bag of beef jerky and bucked up for the weekend ahead.
We had a great time and ended up breaking the hammock, which was caught on film. When we got home, I took another test. Still hazy. So I ate the other bag of beef jerky. It was time to pull out the big bucks and get one of those fancy digital ones I'd said was, "for dummies who can't rea…

community is complicated (a sermon)

Look up 2 Samuel 6 online because you're too lazy to go find a Bible.
There is music and dancing and great joy as David leads the people of Israel to Jerusalem – the place God has designated for the holy temple and a home base for the chosen people who have come through the wilderness and into a kingdom of their own. And so a parade forms around the Ark of the Covenant, the cart that carries the sacred word of God and the very presence of divine authority.
It’s an ancient marching band of noise as royal David dances around like a fool and inspires others to do the same. They have much to be thankful for – including this faithful, new king who uses his power to point to God’s glory and grace instead of himself.
And then the lectionary leaves out a big, important chunk – right in the middle of this story. And you guessed it: they left out the confusing, violent part that makes us question God’s power.
On the road to Jerusalem, Uzzah and Ahio were in charge of guarding the cart when the …