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I'm getting too old for this. Sweaty little people are screaming and singing and laughing and crying and learning and fighting and growing. It's beautiful, yes. But it's exhausting.

Zion is one of six - yes SIX - tiny congregations in urban Minneapolis that come together in hosting this summer day camp experience. It's a lot of work for everyone involved, but it's worth it. More than 40 kids have come together and relished being part of something bigger than their little Sunday school class or one little church. And being all together makes it all worthwhile.

Sure, we could farm them out to programs produced by larger congregations. We could hire Bible camp staff to come in and run it. But we don't because we're about something particular and unique.

Progressive and inclusive language is incredibly important with this group. They have GLBT parents and friends and pastors. We need leaders who know not to tie a red bandana around the arm of a little girl who …

stake a claim with me. and them.

The Vatican is ticked off at American Nuns for focusing too much on poverty and feeding hungry people when their primary concern should be crusading against the important threats like gay marriage and abortion. Sigh.

So nuns are pushing back. Or maybe they're just being perceived as pushing back. Whatever. The point is, they're still doing what they've always been doing - serving God and loving people in radical ways despite institutional pressures to conform and fall in line. And for some reason, the media is affected by this particular disconnect.
I keep reading articles about this issue and I'm especially fired up by some of the comments. Instead of being inspired by the nuns, people focus on their disgust for the Vatican. Some make wild statements about how they've lost all faith in the church and they're done with organized religion. It reminds me of people threatening to move to Canada when politics-du-jour don't shake out their way. Which means they ar…