Friday, May 18, 2012

eating my words

"I get anxious just thinking about all the plastic crap that comes with kids. I don't want people to buy that stuff for us. We have a small house and it will be everywhere. I just want to keep things simple."

- Pre-baby Meta (approx. 4 months pregnant)

Welcome to my future garage sale.
Newsflash, Pre-baby Meta. Life with a baby is complicated and it's not just because they come with a lot of gear. It's because you love him intensely even though he drives you nuts. It's because you and your husband have to crank up the communication skills several notches - neighbors frown upon latch-key toddlers and you need to know who's going to be home when. There's compromise and poop and a lot of under eye concealer.

But you know what IS simple? Chilling out a little bit. It's summer. So hook up the hose and get that wild kiddie pool bubbling. He loves it. You love it. Everybody wins. It's 88 degrees today and I'm eating my pre-baby words. I can't wait for this kid to wake up so we can play.

Don't get me wrong. I still get anxious thinking about the kid clutter. I spent an hour of nap time today packing outgrown clothes in labeled Rubbermaid containers and boxed up toys he doesn't use anymore. I'm still neurotic, but not this afternoon. I'm enjoying my day off and Matt's vacation day. I'm enjoying the shade that's slowly covered the backyard. I'm enjoying a good laugh at all I've learned since Jasper came along.


Becca Groves said...

This is perfect. It's so, so true.

And I was wondering when Ivar and I can come over for a splish splash playdate. Seriously that mini water park looks amazing.


val said...

Someone who is in a position to know once told me, "Kids affect our behavior far more than we affect theirs."

I was a little startled by that.

But then I realized how much truth there is in that. Kids are singleminded in their purpose, whatever it is.

You are shaping Jasper, and just as wonderfully he is shaping YOU.

Thank goodness we don't stop growing when we grow up. love you, Val