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i'm pitting out already. but then again, i always do.

This Sunday eight Lutheran churches in the Minneapolis area are getting together downtown at Central. Because it's Pentecost. But don't be fooled. We're also getting together because it's Memorial Day weekend and we need each other if we're going to bring that wind and fire to life for the two thousandth time on a cabin weekend!

I'll admit it. We're not very good at getting together in Minneapolis. There's an ELCA church on every corner, but we still keep to ourselves and compete and reinvent the wheel blocks from each other. It's disgusting and I'm totally part of it. So this Sunday I'm excited to break out of that style. We're celebrating Pentecost together in one place. There will be wind rushing and chimes dancing and kids speaking different languages and the Spirit Garage band playing on the plaza. There will be sparklers and tiki torches and violins and a LOT of people.

Zion was asked to participate in this event and I couldn't…

eating my words

"I get anxious just thinking about all the plastic crap that comes with kids. I don't want people to buy that stuff for us. We have a small house and it will be everywhere. I just want to keep things simple."
- Pre-baby Meta (approx. 4 months pregnant)
Newsflash, Pre-baby Meta. Life with a baby is complicated and it's not just because they come with a lot of gear. It's because you love him intensely even though he drives you nuts. It's because you and your husband have to crank up the communication skills several notches - neighbors frown upon latch-key toddlers and you need to know who's going to be home when. There's compromise and poop and a lot of under eye concealer.
But you know what IS simple? Chilling out a little bit. It's summer. So hook up the hose and get that wild kiddie pool bubbling. He loves it. You love it. Everybody wins. It's 88 degrees today and I'm eating my pre-baby words. I can't wait for this kid to wake up so we c…

This is the Feast

Wednesdays are my favorite part of the week at work. We host the Lyndale Community Dinner every Wednesday at 6:00pm. Not the Zion Church Dinner. The Lyndale Community Dinner. And it really is.

Neighbors, ZOOM House residents, families from the ESL classes at Zion, low cost meal regulars, new visitors, and members of our congregation. Until now it's been funded by grants through the Lyndale Neighborhood Association, the church budget and donations collected at the dinner.

But the grants are drying up. We're having a hard time deciding how to make sure we can serve weekly through 2012 so granting organizations will want to support us again in 2013. Taking a twelve week break because you're $3,000 short doesn't look like an inspiring place to send money. So we're getting creative.

We've asked other congregations, organizations and local businesses to sponsor a Wednesday. That means they'll send a few volunteers to help serve and a check to cover the costs for…

I am and God is helping me.

Today is Jasper's baptism birthday. I chose May Day because it's festive and easy to remember and it points to new life that comes with spring.

I am a baptism freak. I always celebrate mine in December and I love knowing and remembering the day for others. If I'm sitting in the pews for a baptism, I cry with joy. I crane my neck to see. I giggle when babies squeal at the cold water. I squeeze Matt's hand as the pastor marks his or her forehead with an oily sign of the cross. If I am helping with a baptism, I'm amped up for the rest of the day. It enlivens and excites me. I have trouble sleeping that night because I'm so hopeful and happy.

Last year Jasper was baptized at the beginning of Sunday worship at St. John's. I had my alb and stole and microphone all ready to go in the sacristy, but first I joined Matt and my family in the pews. For a moment at the beginning of the service I was a mother in a linen dress awaiting the sacrament. I will always be, fir…