Saturday, April 21, 2012

spring has sprung


You're still not walking and you're still not saying too many words. But maybe that's because your crawl is speedy and your body language is so expressive already. I'm getting used to "timeline chez Jasper". You achieve milestones about three months after people expect you to be there...and all the waiting is worth it. By then you've carefully considered your method and surprise us all with your expertise. So I'll wait. Happily.

In the meantime, you stroll with the walker toy all over the house, bumping into stuff and backing up and turning around. You say Mama and Dada and Bobba (Bottle) and Hi and Bye and Three. You shake your head No and nod Yes. Your gestures are easy to read and I'm so glad to understand a bit about your world.

You are a man of the outdoors. Wood chips, tulips, grass and water. You throw a football, crawl after it and throw it again. You're better at fetch than Odin! You chew on leaves and laugh at the sun and whine when we head inside. Even if your hands are chilly and your nose is red.

We are borrowing this car from Marma You shake with glee while we open the garage door and your legs kick wildly until I buckle you in. Then you get serious. Hands at ten and two. Eyes on the road. When a car goes by you wave. When kids are playing in a nearby yard, you hold out your hand in a long, formal gesture that reminds me of royalty on parade floats. The world is your street dance, kid.

Mornings are busiest. I pour a half empty cup of coffee back in the warm pot and fill it up again, but only take a few sips before I'm distracted by your silliness or and trying to get dressed between games. Then the coffee needs to be warmed again. And again a little later. But it's a good ritual that reminds me how full of love my day will be. If real ministry is in the interruptions, then real motherhood is in the tugs on my pants pulling me from a task at eye level to another near my ankles.

I can't remember the last time I pulled out your baby book, so this is it for 14.5 months. I'll write the things I should record before I forget. Your supermodel poses on our bed. You love wrestling in our room and playing with our shades. When we read "I'll love you through and through", you start babbling on the page that shows the little boy talking. You look up at me and giggle whenever a book says the word Mommy or Love. You devour chicken pot pie and quesadillas and pasta and green beans and broccoli and sausage. I gave you a jalapeƱo by accident, but you prevailed. Your teeth continue to come in and you look more like a kid than a baby now. You're quick up the stairs and can crawl up on all the furniture with ease. You have a great sense of humor and seem to get ours. You nap hard midday and get jealous when I hold other people's babies. You give kisses and cuddle and put up a good fight getting out of the bathtub. You'd sleep in there if we let you.

Speaking of sleep, you're up. I hear you jabbering upstairs and that must mean your nap is over. Be right there. Love, Mom

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Marma said... get your parents and they get you! And that is love.....for them and you! Marma