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I just wish my kid had personality.


Lucky 13

Dear Jasper,

You are thirteen months old and all toddler. You know how to get our attention and how to keep it. You know what gets under our skin and how to make us laugh. You are expressive with your eyes and mouth and voice and hands. Even your strong thighs. You are so good at telling us what you want and need that, when you can't get your point across right away, you get frustrated. It's hard when things get lost in translation.

You are a monkey. You climb on top of things, build towers of out anything you can find and dare to stand without holding on. But no steps yet. Not just yet. Your style is careful and calculated. When you do something, it's already been researched and then you take that milestone by storm. So every morning might be the morning. God, help us.

In Florida you became a one nap man. Now you conk out for three long, uninterrupted hours every day. You're a hibernating bear at high sun. And then you dazzle us in the swimming pool. You lean into our …

The Underbelly

"So how's the new call going?"

I'm hearing that a lot. It's a good reminder that all kinds of people have my back during this new beginning at Zion. People are praying for me as I figure out what it means to be a solo pastor, as I strive to define 3/4 time my own way, as I learn the ropes in a different church and neighborhood. And that's comforting.

The truth is, I've been overwhelmed by the underbelly of "All Are Welcome". Lots of churches describe themselves as "friendly" and "welcoming" and "hospitable" these days. We all want to grow. We want to be open minded and inclusive of all kinds of people. We want be more diverse and we're hoping it's as easy as a smile, a church wide resolution, and a snazzy website.

This month I've been thinking about my biased assumptions in welcoming people to church. I've been hoping people come who are educated like me, share my sense of humor, and are able to make…