Monday, February 13, 2012

blast from the past

In high school I set a goal. I wanted to visit all seven continents before I graduated from college. And I did. Australia was the big finale. I went with a January term study abroad group during my senior year, which included many friends and people who became friends. But mostly, there was Molly. I'd known Molly several ways for several years and before we left for this trip, we made plans to stay in New Zealand for an extra week.

If you hate stories people tell about "the most amazing week of their lives" or "how awesome college was", never ask me about my week in New Zealand. I remember pausing countless times on this trip and thinking, "This is the happiest I've ever been". I was in transition in several ways that winter and something about this trip grounded me or set me free. I'm still not sure which.

We slept in hostels and on buses. We played things by ear and rented mopeds in the pouring rain and I went skydiving. We danced to Beyonce's Crazy in Love a billion times and picked up guys with bold faced lies. (There's a Scottish guy somewhere convinced he kissed John Deere's granddaughter.) One of our favorite days was spent river surfing in rapids near Queenstown. We dragged our hostel roommate, John, along even though he promised this wasn't his thing. And it wasn't. But he did take a few pictures and promised to email them. We were in and out of touch for the next several years, but the pictures never surfaced, so scrapbooks were completed without this page.

Until Thursday. They suddenly arrived by email on Thursday. A mere eight years late! Molly and I giggled as the memories rushed back. These shots make us feel pale and old...but so happy for the women we were and the women we've become.

I think it's time to make room in the scrapbook for these two.

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val said...

Oh, how funny. John Deere's GRAND DAUGHTER??? Wow. love, Val