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We voted 'yes' to 'no' to 'yes'. Wait...what?

We had our synod assembly this weekend. It was fun to represent Zion with two wonderful members. It was fun to network on behalf of Zion's ministries and mission. It good to see friends from seminary and to reconnect with representatives from St. John's. If you're an extrovert and a church nerd...this is Mecca.

We elect a new bishop every six years, so this assembly was unique to my short career in the Minneapolis Area Synod. We still had our annual business which includes a keynote speaker, Bible study, and updates from our nationwide and global work through the ELCA. Most congregations in our synod support Lutheran Disaster Relief, which has a reputation for showing up all over the world and sticking around to serve long after the media disappears. We still have crews bearing Christ in Pakistan, Japan, Haiti and Joplin, Missouri. We celebrated exciting tales of growth and wonder happening in mission starts that engage immigrant communities, congregations sharing space w…

blast from the past

In high school I set a goal. I wanted to visit all seven continents before I graduated from college. And I did. Australia was the big finale. I went with a January term study abroad group during my senior year, which included many friends and people who became friends. But mostly, there was Molly. I'd known Molly several ways for several years and before we left for this trip, we made plans to stay in New Zealand for an extra week.

If you hate stories people tell about "the most amazing week of their lives" or "how awesome college was", never ask me about my week in New Zealand. I remember pausing countless times on this trip and thinking, "This is the happiest I've ever been". I was in transition in several ways that winter and something about this trip grounded me or set me free. I'm still not sure which.

We slept in hostels and on buses. We played things by ear and rented mopeds in the pouring rain and I went skydiving. We danced to Beyonce…

fake it 'til you make it

This cupcake poster pretty much sums up my week. I had glorified plans for last Monday and Tuesday - my miniature Sabbath between jobs. A massage, errands, cleaning, baking and planning for Jasper's birthday party were going to leave me feeling both productive and relaxed before my first day at Zion.

Instead, Jasper got his first ear infection. He was snotty and clingy and up all night. We didn't figure out why he was so miserable until Tuesday morning and by then all my ideas had flown out the window. Instead we cuddled up in our sweatpants and thanked God for antibiotics.

I forgot how exciting and exhausting it is to start a new job. A woman I admire says taking in all the new information is like trying to get a drink of water from a fire hose. The next few days were long, exciting and busy. I came home glad for all the new names and stories I'd learned, but too tired to entertain Jasper while making dinner. Thus, he has now developed an affection for Kix off his highcha…