Tuesday, October 18, 2011

thank you, autumn

my favorite things about fall

crunching leaves

the secular world speaks stewardship...
...sometimes even better than the church

the way jasper tugs at the ears on his monkey hat,
causing it to slide further down his face

walking by the river

every sunny day is a gift

scarves, tights, boots, sweaters

apples, sweet potatoes, squash

the earth smells sleepy

my birthday - and this year i felt really special

so much going on at church

coming home to the smell of a hard working crock pot

watching jasper discover wind and crisp air

holding matt's hand and leaning into him for warmth

1 comment:

val said...

I love that image of Jasper fighting with his hat. Abby tears off her socks, then chews them and throws them on the floor.

Kids are crazy. What would we do without them? love you, Val