Saturday, October 1, 2011

Nice Hair

Dear Jasper,

You are suddenly very busy. You eat oatmeal and fruit in the morning, arms extended like airplane wings and your eyes so focused on the spoon. Your thighs are growing because of these simple solids and they're a perfect spot for raspberry kisses.

You have great hand-eye coordination. It took you awhile to get interested in using your hands for exploring anything other than your mouth, but now you know how to use your thumbs and you can even turn pages in the books we read. You sit up so well and are finally getting antsy to move around. Any day now...

We all get the giggles a lot. You have a sense of humor and think all kinds of things are funny. Rubbing noses, popping out from behind a door, tickling, flipping you upside down and pretend snoring all make you burst into laughter and I love it.

Yesterday we went to Target and I decided to put you in the front of the cart. While I had to turn corners at 2 mph, you did really well balancing and your head whipped around looking at everything. You squealed with joy all the way through the produce section, especially when we picked up speed. I suggested you pace yourself and, sure enough, you were hitting the wall by the time we got to the diapers and wipes aisle.

While Dad was out of town last week, you attended two retreats with Mom. Mormor and Marma helped and we were all impressed with your flexibility. Three different beds in three nights! When we got home on Tuesday, Dad was so excited to see you. It had been too many days and I left you two to play until bedtime. You kept looking at him and shaking with excitement, reaching for his face. Pete and Repeat, you two. It was a happy night.

Believe it or not, you had your first salon haircut with Marma this week and it was prior to this picture of you at Target. Untamed! It has been confirmed by the pros - your hair is "unique" and "tricky". I love it. Every day it's different, as if the weather and your mood decide what stands up. It's sassy when you are serious and serious when you're sassy. I hope that cowlick never gives in.

Jasper, I write this letter in part because I feel guilty. You are so cool and doing so many new things but I haven't pulled your baby book off the shelf in awhile. So I've rambled here before I forget, pausing just long enough to tell the world how wonderful you are before you start growing and changing again. Sleep tight, buddy. See you (and your hair) in the morning!

Love, Mom

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