Wednesday, September 28, 2011


It's been awhile. Lots of little things to share and instead of choosing one to write about, I'll try to share several in Twitter form:

We started a book club at St. John's. Our second book is a historical piece about Benjamin Franklin's time in France and how he invented American foreign policy as he went along - sounds a lot like ministry and I'm glad to be reading something I never would have tried on my own.

I spent Friday night and Saturday morning in Chaska with really, really generous donors to Luther Seminary. I got to tell them about seminary and first call. I got to hear about their love for the church and came home inspired.

I went to a conference for local pastors and our interim bishop scolded us. It was awesome. He pointed his finger at a room full of pastors and told us to stop preaching from our heels. He told us to preach from our toes, unafraid and trusting the Word. Amen.

I was changing Jasper's diaper the other day and he squished his poopy butt into my engagement ring. The diamonds were covered in poop. What a great metaphor for romance and parenthood.

Matt and I were apart for 5 nights, then back together for one before two more nights apart. Work and life are silly and busy, but last night was great. We laughed a lot and so did Jasper. It was good to be together.

Jasper is at my favorite age so far. (I know, that's so cliche.) But he shakes with excitement when he sees me in the morning. He laughs when I give him a raspberry on the chest, eats all kinds of solids, talks to himself and reaches his arms out when he wants you. He's funny and is the best reason to leave dirty dishes in the sink.

Our washing machine broke. And our furnace needs to be fixed. My phone battery suddenly lasts just three hours. The good news? Crap like this usually comes in threes, so I think we're good for awhile.

Two funerals this weekend. One passed unexpectedly and that's hard. One was 104 years old and that is amazing.

The weather today was perfect! Sumac leaves are starting to change and living near West River Road this time of year is beautiful. Life is good.