Monday, August 1, 2011


I rarely cook and when I do, I tend to kill a recipe early by failing to follow instructions carefully. I had never used a food processor until yesterday. But since this baby food adventure began, I've already made fruit smoothies and guacamole. I'm totally hooked.

Now I know I'm supposed to want to make baby food because it's all about the baby. It feels so good to know exactly what's going into your child. True. It's so much cheaper than buying baby food. Sure. It's less wasteful than getting buried in dozens of little glass jars you might never use again. Okay. But none of those reasons got me off my tail and into the kitchen.

Instead, it was this lady!

My lovely sister-in-law squealed with delight as she pureed beets and their explosive purple color made her giggle. Cara adores good cooking, kitchen gear, old cookbooks and The Splendid Table. I could listen to her talk about food all day, describing textures and ingredients with such joy. We spent the afternoon collecting yummy, fresh foods from the Kingfield Farmers' Market and the Seward Co-op before peeling, boiling and pureeing like crazy. It was beautiful work. Jasper thought so, too. He was fascinated by this raw carrot I let him hold. He stared at it with such fierce concentration until the Cuisinart would start whirling and then he'd look up, his eyes wide. That's the sound of your lunch in a few months, kid.

And thank goodness Cara got me into the kitchen because now I know what will keep me there: the sheer hubris of it all. While I can't make anything too impressive for grown ups, people tend to react with such awe when you say you make baby food. If they would just think about it for a minute, I'm sure they'd realize it's not that amazing and it's certainly not hard. But there's no way I'll admit it to their faces. Instead, I'll just smile like a snotty mompetitor, aglow with happy success.

Beets, Carrots, Green Beans, Pears, Spinach

Amazing applesauce not pictured because we ate it all before it made it to the freezer. So, so good.


Becca Groves said...

Oh my word! That rainbow of beautiful baby food!!! I think that might have just put me over the top!!! I am SO IMPRESSED and sort of motivated. I might have to jump on this train...hmmm....

val said...

Oh Meta, I feel so inadequate.

Look at you two go.

I, and I'm not kidding, was so glad to have a reason to go lie down on the bed. (Nurse the baby, someone has to do it.)

That there was no baby food for the last 7 kids.

They finally could eat sandwiches and so forth, and that was their good luck with the teeth and all.

Do whatever works and have fun, those are the only rules.

I love your little boy. Look at him looking at that carrot, lol.

love, Val