Tuesday, July 26, 2011

on the road again

Things I learned (but already knew)
on this summer's road trip down the west coast:

1. Matt and I plan each summer road trip about nine months in advance. There's a lot of hype leading up to these two weeks away because our work schedules so rarely line up with time off. We both work some evenings. Matt works some Saturdays, I work Sundays. Clearing two weeks to be away together so far in advance makes us feel giddy about the plans we've made and the time we're securing for an adventure together. And that's always worth the hype.

2. We dream of buying a little land on a river or lake someday and having a simple cabin with bunk beds and an outhouse. After staying in yurts on the Oregon coast, we changed our tune. Now we want a yurt! It was a cozy way to spend a few nights. Jasper wore a warm hat and fell asleep early while we enjoyed dinner and an audio book at the picnic table outside. That simple "date" at the end of each day recharged our batteries - priceless!

3. Living out of the car with an infant is hard. He's old enough to get bored sitting in the backseat on longer driving days. His sleeping and pooping got thrown out of whack. He was fussy sometimes and we were tired. But I am in awe of our teamwork on this trip. We did well taking turns without score keeping and waiting for the other to rebound before having a meltdown ourselves. A lot of things went wrong, but we usually got the giggles when things completely unraveled. I found myself watching Matt with Jasper several times each day, so glad that this is my family and that I get to be with a guy this good.

4. Jasper is awesome. This kid is flexible and funny and up for adventure. He loves watching traffic and met some firemen who turned on their lights and sirens just for him. He loves nature. He can be throwing a fit and as soon as we walk outside, he's completely taken by the trees, birds and sunshine. I smiled watching his eyes bug out at the ocean. He was consumed by the breeze on his face and the sound of waves crashing on shore. While so much about this trip was exhausting, he made it worth the trouble. I can't wait for next summer's adventure...and Jasper seems pretty jazzed too.


Becca Groves said...

That looks like Oregon..is it the Oregon coast?!! Do you know that is our very favorite part of the country?!! And we also stayed in a yurt and loved every second of this type of comfortable camping.

As for bringing a baby on this road trip...I am so, so impressed. I can only imagine, knowing what our own lives are like right now, but I LOVE that you didn't decide to scrap the road trip this year because of your little one. Well done Meta and Matt!

val said...



It doesn't get any better.

love, Val