Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Bag Lady

This is the luggage I pack on a light day. If I'm working out, there's an additional bag of clothes. If I stop for groceries on the way home, there's even more to lug inside. Plus a kid. I am a bag lady.

I just finished listening to Tina Fey's Bossypants on audiobook and I can now relate to a story she tells about childhood with her dad: the legendary Don Fey. She remembers making a simple Saturday afternoon exponentially frustrating for him and couldn't understand why until she was a working parent herself. Having a productive Saturday afternoon can help me feel like a million bucks - like I have it all together and under control. That's the kind of facade I'm enjoying today.

You see, Matt doesn't work Saturdays for the next few months. Instead he played with Jasper when I went back to sleep at 6:30am. He mowed the lawn, went through his mail pile and admired his new rain barrel (ask him about it - he's smitten). I enjoyed a short walk with the Nugget and cleaned out our kitchen cupboards. He napped while I updated his baby book and wrapped wedding gifts. Today has me feeling victorious.

But most attempts to seem in control look more like Thursday night. I washed our hardwood floors for the first time since Jasper was born. It was a slow process - I would move furniture out of one room, mop and wait for it to dry before starting another. Jasper was sleeping in his room while I waited to the last section to dry. I admired my work while curled up on the couch paroosing Real Simple magazine, pretending my whole life was organized and delicious and freshly mopped. Until he wailed. And I never made it back to the couch that night.

The next morning the sun poured in through the open door and I noticed footprints all over my clean floor - my footprints. Back and forth, back and forth.

Sounds about right. Life does not always wait for my floors to dry. I smiled and gathered up my bags like a coat tree on the move. It was time to get going.

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Becca Groves said...

We're very similar girls you and I. Rory is working on his rain barrel at this very moment. And I just added "buy a mop" to the to do list. Something about all this bright light makes my floors look extra dirty.

Tell me how wonderful it is to get out and about now that the weather is warm?!!