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Boxing Day

I don't have many Christmas traditions that are set in stone. When I was in grade school, we spent many years as a nuclear family running around the beach in sweatpants and filling our hair with the smell of salt before a picnic or presents. When we moved back to the Midwest, we traded the beach for ice skating on the back pond and sledding down hills before bedtime. When I reached adolescence, some of my Christmases were spent far from family in Bangladesh or Antarctica. All of these memories are good, tying me more closely to the reason for the season than to something specific my family invented along the way. Christmas was mobile, fluid and always faithful.

My Christmases in Bangladesh have given Boxing Day special meaning. After such communal joy on the 25th, I've noticed that I often get quiet and pensive the next day. The 26th makes me attentive and vulnerable because I have sensed Emmanuel most deeply in the wake of Christmas.

On December 26, 1998 I stayed back fro…

Stillness and Planning

I’m a planner. I like to dream and scheme about things down the road.We moved a few times when I was younger and I would always sketch out my future bedroom the night we closed on a new house, eager to imagine the layout and get things organized.These days, the liturgical calendar allows me a similar privilege.I can be steeped in one season, but am always thinking ahead.While the sanctuary is filled with evergreen and light, I am also wondering about Lent, repentance and springtime.There is always something new to wonder about as we plod through the same seasons and stories year after year.There is always something new to unfold or proclaim or digest. And I love that.Ever since that first stick had two pink lines and the second stick had two pink lines and the third stick read a definitive, digital YES, I have tried to live more in the moment than usual.I have tried to learn about what is happening each week and to appreciate each stage of this journey.I have tried to make good time f…