Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I do not recommend morning sickness on a moped…

…or ten minutes before worship on a Sunday you’re preaching. Or at your husband’s favorite fish restaurant in Skagway, Alaska. But sometimes that stuff happens. And all you can do is take deep breaths, be quick on your feet to the bathroom and laugh about it.

It turns out I’m pregnant. We found out a few days before my brother was proposing to his beautiful girlfriend and just a few weeks before my mom got really, really sick. So we kept it quiet, enjoying our secret and waiting for the right time to tell our families about the little fetus I’m baking.

The first few weeks we knew, I thought I would explode. I wanted to spray the good news all over random strangers and thought I felt it dribbling down my chin in front of friends and family. But instead of buying billboard space or making t-shirts that said FEB 9! in enormous font, we would come home at the end of each day and talk about it with each other. We would research its growth and what I shouldn’t eat online. We would exchange naïve smiles, blissfully unaware of how much our life will soon change.

It was hard to keep quiet while my mom was in the ICU. Her brain was bleeding and we weren’t getting the answers we so desperately wanted. I would stand by her bed and hold her hand, wishing to crawl in alongside her because I, too, was tired and nauseas. When my matriarchs would call and ask how I was doing, I refused to cry. I was doing as well as a busy pastor with a sick mom and a worried dad could be doing…while carrying a clandestine zygote.

But Friday made all the waiting worth it. We were back from our vacation in Alaska and my family didn’t suspect a thing. Matt made a DVD of some of our photos and videos to show them before dinner and half way through, they were blown away when Matt referred to me as pregnant. Squealing ensued. It felt good to let it out and to be surrounded by their love!

I don’t know much about this fetus, but I do know a few things. We fell out of a hammock – hard – the day we found out about it and it kept clinging anyway. I climbed mountains and hiked the Chilkoot Trail in 2.5 days and it stuck with us. It really liked beef jerky for awhile and now it’s not so interested. When the ultrasound technician tried to make it roll over, the little alien threw defiant jabs and kicks. It’s now the size of a peach and will soon retire most of my pants.

These are the things I will share and yet there are so many more things that I will continue to write down elsewhere, hidden for just my new little family to know. And I guess that’s the most exciting part of all.


Mary Hess said...

What wonderful news! I've been keeping you and your family in prayer about your mom. I hope this news brings some joy to her. Do you remember Becca from our discipleship group? She's blogging about her pregnancy here:

Scott said...

Mazel tov. Good for you - prayers ascending.

Becca Groves said...

Meta! I'm so EXCITED FOR YOU!!!! And I'm so game for getting our babes together for playdates in south minneapolis!

So the t-shirt with Feb 9 printed on it? Totally made me laugh because I have been trying to hunt down those navy shirts with white print that said November 2 ever since we got pregnant. They were printed when I was in college for a particular election, and I can't figure out if it was just a Gustavus thing or Minnesota thing or a one party or the other...but I WANT ONE! I just think it would be funny.

Anyway, congrats and drop me a line ANYTIME you have fun, quirky things to share. (it's all quirky...)