Monday, November 16, 2009

And two shall become one. It's fool proof!

I asked Berit to be my wedding coordinator for several reasons. Our moms are identical twin sisters and sometimes we can be so in sync, it's startling. Being on the same page in the height of chaos would be important.

Berit works in early childhood with families, small children and toddlers. That means she deals with boundary and ownership issues all day and can definitely handle the big personalities, a rowdy bridesmaid or a mother who thinks it's all about her. I also knew she would take the responsibility seriously, finding ways to go above and beyond the job description.

Each wedding taught has us new ways to be more efficient or flexible and we learned from every mistake made behind the scenes. I also watched Berit really enjoy each couple - I saw her crouch down with the tiny flower girls and ring bearers, cheering them down the 90 ft. aisle from her discreet niche in the narthex. I watched her find a bride who wandered off and teach ushers the ropes.

As I preached about becoming one flesh and the power of marriage, Berit and I were also becoming one. Our last wedding of the season was this weekend and it was anything but stressful. Each event has taught us something about time management and organization. Coming up with creative communication strategies earned a subtle, genetic victory dance and the phrase, "It's fool proof!". As the season progressed, we had to check in with each other less often and things became second nature. I don't want to brag, but we were awesome. Seriously. I'm glad you weren't there because you would have regretted not having us at your own wedding.

And really. Who wouldn't want these two in charge of their special day?

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