Friday, October 10, 2008

Faithful Fanfare

I was late to work this morning because I couldn’t stop watching the stock market yo-yo during breakfast. By the time I left the house, it had dipped 700 points from yesterday, “fully” recovered, and started wobbling in the red again. Barack Obama and George W. Bush had both given brief speeches addressing the crisis and a man with a clipboard had appraised our home before considering us for refinancing. Europe is also experiencing economic instability and Matt’s face dropped when he realized our honeymoon would have been much cheaper this month.

I need stronger coffee.

It is overcast with streaks of every gray in the sky and a light, restless wind pulls leaves from trees. Traffic is backed up everywhere because even detours have detours during this mad dash of fall road construction. The stained glass angel that hangs from my office window has no light to catch, but she plays her trumpet anyway.

But these things look different once I roll up my sleeves as Pastor. The stock market and clouds cannot doom away God’s abundant grace because the work I have today will not let me forget that my faith and true life exist beyond capitalism and democracy. Perhaps God has given me this pastoral vocation so my cynicism cannot overcome me!

I will spend this morning writing the prayers for Sunday’s service, remembering those less fortunate and praying for those who fear they deserve no prayers. I will create a children’s message that connects the little ones to their baptisms. I will knock on doors and tell people they are always welcome at God’s house. I will visit the sick and lonely, reminded that God comes to us when we are most vulnerable, afraid, and discouraged.

These overt and joyful chores God gives me are clear reminders that the Kingdom prevails and you have your reminders too. Who will the Holy Spirit nudge you to call or embrace today? Who will God send you to? Christ will be shared as you speak well of a coworker, wash children during bath time, or cook to feed your family.

The angel in my window was made by a 95 year old shepherd and farmer from Kansas. He remembers the Great Depression and hard times, but still he made her clothed in brilliant colors with the trumpet to her lips on sunny and cloudy days alike.

The forecast says the skies will clear this afternoon and I half wonder if it is her song that drives the gray away.

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Jeni said...

"The stained glass angel that hangs from my office window has no light to catch, but she plays her trumpet anyway."