Friday, August 22, 2008

Church Mice

I am meeting the tender souls and strong hands that love this church. By church I mean the Body of Christ, living through ministries and the Word alive in our speech and action, and I also mean the building. When you have been the hands and feet of Christ together with others for so long, the house itself becomes dear and meaningful. This church is beloved by many.

One of these servants encouraged me to follow him around the building today. It is a maze of mystery and beauty that stands tall in Tangletown, hiding history behind old doors and holding children in learning and laughter each day.

You can learn a lot about a congregation by following in the footsteps of a faithful member. He taught me about light switches and back stairways, boiler rooms and classrooms. The stories flowed as we wandered and I soaked them in, hoping that someday they would feel like my own precious history. This congregation has been the Body of Christ for nearly 125 years and the building has been standing as a sign of God's faithfulness since the 1920s.

While traditional worship and mainline denominations fade, I am inspired by the immigrants who saved and struggled so that these stones could tell their faith story to the community 90 years ago. Come inside and learn from the stain glass windows like many before you, pulled into the drama of worshiping with ancestors and saints to come. It is one way to know that God's Word is steadfast and that faith produces tender souls and strong hands.

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Julie said...

makes me think of my rich Christian heritage..thanks!