Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Here we go!

I begin a third year of blogging only because I would miss so many of you without it! It has been great to keep in touch and meet through comments and conversation, both in AZ at Mountain View and Life at Luther. Now I'm on my own again at tangled up in grace, wading through a wonderful summer of change and excitement.

Matt and I got married on Friday! It was an awesome celebration that started on the Mississippi River Thursday evening. Family and friends arrived in town and we rehearsed before dining on the river in beautiful weather. The boat was a great way to get our loved ones together and mingling before the chaos of Friday and an opportunity for us to say thank you to everyone involved.

The worship service was beautiful! The music was regal and serving communion to our guests was a powerful way to solidify words spoken about the Body of Christ during the sermon. I relished every moments, knowing that it would feel like a big blur later on. The sun cooperated every time Matt and I stepped outside, but storms had their say too. The reception overflowed with good food, fabulous toasts, sweaty and silly dance moves, and a beautiful view of downtown Minneapolis from Nicollet Island.

It's impossible to speak with everyone that night and convey how much they all mean to you, but hugs and smiles abounded. If there were problems, I was too giddy to be approached or too distracted to notice. We had a ball!

On Sunday, we received news that St. John's Lutheran Church in south Minneapolis voted to call me as their Associate Pastor. This possibility has been on our hearts for a few months now and it is good to know that things are official! My ordination date is Sunday, July 27 (10am at Normandale Lutheran Church in Edina) with a potluck lunch to follow. I will begin serving at St. John's in mid-August.

The call process has been a long one and filled with lessons about patience and vocation. I'm so thrilled to be serving a congregation that is theologically equipped and ready to grow in their community. The people I've met thus far have been excited about the history and future of this parish and I'm blessed to be growing with them.


Julie said...

Hey there, new sister in law! I had to be the first to comment! :) How blessed I am to have you part of my family now, and how blessed St. John's will be for you to spur them, challenge them, laugh and cry with them, and just be there with them through this amazing walk we all have with Christ. (And I know that you will be good at it because I have personal experience with all of our conversations!!)
May we all rest in Jesus, and be tangled up in His grace! Have a great honeymoon!!!!!

Rev Scott said...

Congratulations - and welcome to the post-seminary blogging world. Glad to have you out here!

A Work in Progress said...

Congratulations! And "Yay!" for a new blog. St. John's is a very blessed congregation to you have you with them...blessings on the journey.

Carl said...

Trudy and I have found you again. Looking forward to keeping up with you. Congratulations on al lthat has come your way this summer!

Liz said...

sweaty and silly dance moves? I have no idea what you are talking about!

It was a night to remember! The smile on your face and the love in the room will be forever sealed in my heart. You deserve every blessing and I can't wait to hear about the adventures at St. Johns and hopefully I will be able to attend when I am back home and see you in action.

Until then....keep dancing!